Big fan of the song that I used for the latest WGT video (“11h30” by Danger). It seems so appropriate for so many reasons, even though I have no idea what the song is about.



Oh right. I made this. With a lil help from my homeboy Mos Def.

K bye!

Hard work pays off!

I now write this message (Kanye-style – in caps) on every “To Do” list. It’s a simple message, but I only recently learned its meaning.

It was reading week (mid-February). January had passed in a flash and projects were piling up. Specifically, I was concerned about a series of videos I’d agreed to do for UN1TE called “F/X”. I’d edited and uploaded one video, which set a standard for all the rest – a standard which I found difficult to meet. By this time, I had four videos to edit, and another shoot coming up. I was on the verge of calling the thing off. I was even closer to finding someone to take it over for me.

Rylaan calls these things “open loops”. They remain unfinished, and because they are unfinished, they distract you from every other thing in your life.

When reading week came, I looked at my schedule and said, “I’ll try to do one more, at least.” I was so sure that I wouldn’t be able to finish it. But, to my surprise, after 5 hours of editing, a shiny new video was uploaded. The rest of my week was spent in front of Final Cut Pro (and *ahem* studying, of course), hacking away at the hours of footage that I’d accumulated.

It was during these days that I realized that doing something daunting is sometimes the only way to regain your sanity. It was going over that first hurdle that gave me the momentum to continue. I only benefited positively from working so hard. I even have a series of videos to show for it. Had I given up, videos like this one wouldn’t have been made:

Lesson learned. I won’t forget it.

WGT Week 2

A few things about royalty free music:

  • It’s great to use when you don’t want to deal with copyright issues.
  • It’s not always free, though it’s usually affordable. Like most music, you have to pay for it. The difference is that you don’t have to pay extra fees based on how it’s being used and how often it’s broadcasted.
  • It often sucks.

As a dancer, great audio and great video go hand in hand. Which is why the latest Winnipeg’s Got Talent video uses a mashup of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance with the theme from Requiem for a Dream.

Sorry, Creative Commons. I did try!

More with less, right?

It’s kind of fun to take a look at my older work. It reminds me why I got into this – sometimes, the video turns out so very cool that it’s hard NOT to get excited about it. My video for The Movement Tour was a real turning point for me. I shot everything except for the clips of Jun Quemado, played a lot with colour correction, and focused on timing the music perfectly with the edits. I used LiveType for the text, which worked surprisingly well.

Final Cut Pro is excellent for editing, but sometimes you want a break. This video

was made with iMovie (audio with Reaper). The change was refreshing, but going back to Final Cut Pro was like going home after a long day’s work. I couldn’t have edited any of my documentaries for UN1TE Dance Center with iMovie, since they required careful tweaking, especially with the sound. Organizing clips into a sequence on FCP is far easier, too.

Back then, I played with text in the only way I knew how. Maybe I’m relying too much on my motion graphics guy to make things look good – I need to remember that there are ways I can create a cool looking title with only LiveType or iMovie.

Long time, no post!

I’ll be honest – I forgot this WordPress blog existed. I’ve done a lot of video work since I last checked in, including:
  • UN1TE Dance Company’s Academy and Intensive series videos (choreography from summer drop-in classes)
  • UN1TE Dance Center videos (short documentaries about Winnipeg choreographers, including footage from their drop-in classes)
  • UN1TE F/X videos
  • REPREZENT 2009 videos (including footage from the event and workshops)
  • Winnipeg’s Got Talent highlights video (to promote the event in future weeks)

Here’s the latest:

I intend to create a decent portfolio of works very soon. For now, just click around on the UN1TE Youtube channel – most of those videos were shot and edited by me.

A big, big thank you to Rylaan Gimby, who has done some amazing motion graphics work for these videos. I owe you a million…