Long time, no post!

I’ll be honest – I forgot this WordPress blog existed. I’ve done a lot of video work since I last checked in, including:
  • UN1TE Dance Company’s Academy and Intensive series videos (choreography from summer drop-in classes)
  • UN1TE Dance Center videos (short documentaries about Winnipeg choreographers, including footage from their drop-in classes)
  • UN1TE F/X videos
  • REPREZENT 2009 videos (including footage from the event and workshops)
  • Winnipeg’s Got Talent highlights video (to promote the event in future weeks)

Here’s the latest:

I intend to create a decent portfolio of works very soon. For now, just click around on the UN1TE Youtube channel – most of those videos were shot and edited by me.

A big, big thank you to Rylaan Gimby, who has done some amazing motion graphics work for these videos. I owe you a million…

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