More with less, right?

It’s kind of fun to take a look at my older work. It reminds me why I got into this – sometimes, the video turns out so very cool that it’s hard NOT to get excited about it. My video for The Movement Tour was a real turning point for me. I shot everything except for the clips of Jun Quemado, played a lot with colour correction, and focused on timing the music perfectly with the edits. I used LiveType for the text, which worked surprisingly well.

Final Cut Pro is excellent for editing, but sometimes you want a break. This video

was made with iMovie (audio with Reaper). The change was refreshing, but going back to Final Cut Pro was like going home after a long day’s work. I couldn’t have edited any of my documentaries for UN1TE Dance Center with iMovie, since they required careful tweaking, especially with the sound. Organizing clips into a sequence on FCP is far easier, too.

Back then, I played with text in the only way I knew how. Maybe I’m relying too much on my motion graphics guy to make things look good – I need to remember that there are ways I can create a cool looking title with only LiveType or iMovie.

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