Hard work pays off!

I now write this message (Kanye-style – in caps) on every “To Do” list. It’s a simple message, but I only recently learned its meaning.

It was reading week (mid-February). January had passed in a flash and projects were piling up. Specifically, I was concerned about a series of videos I’d agreed to do for UN1TE called “F/X”. I’d edited and uploaded one video, which set a standard for all the rest – a standard which I found difficult to meet. By this time, I had four videos to edit, and another shoot coming up. I was on the verge of calling the thing off. I was even closer to finding someone to take it over for me.

Rylaan calls these things “open loops”. They remain unfinished, and because they are unfinished, they distract you from every other thing in your life.

When reading week came, I looked at my schedule and said, “I’ll try to do one more, at least.” I was so sure that I wouldn’t be able to finish it. But, to my surprise, after 5 hours of editing, a shiny new video was uploaded. The rest of my week was spent in front of Final Cut Pro (and *ahem* studying, of course), hacking away at the hours of footage that I’d accumulated.

It was during these days that I realized that doing something daunting is sometimes the only way to regain your sanity. It was going over that first hurdle that gave me the momentum to continue. I only benefited positively from working so hard. I even have a series of videos to show for it. Had I given up, videos like this one wouldn’t have been made:

Lesson learned. I won’t forget it.

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