So, ICONS was a success, due to the amazing contributions of the performers and audience members. I am especially grateful to Melanie, Milcah, Tim, and Romeo for their support.

In the following video, local yoga guru Philly D explains what Free the Children is all about and inspires many to give a little extra to the cause.

I’ve learned from this experience that finding talented and wonderful people in Winnipeg is not difficult, as long as you communicate openly and honestly with everyone. When many diverse people come together, beautiful things happen.

The results from the show? We raised about $1400. Videos from the show are viewable at (videography by Rowin Bernardo – I had my hands full with other things this time!).


Know your MEME: Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition

As if I wasn’t busy enough preparing for ICONS…

Today marked the kickoff of a new music festival in Winnipeg – MEME. It’s an exciting time for those involved in the new media community, and I intend to be there to witness (and film) as much of it as possible. I’m especially psyched to see my boyfriend‘s VJ shows tonight and Saturday and whatever PO-MO Project has cooked up for the exhibition.

Here’s to an eventful weekend!

Event production

For the first time, I’m trying my hand at event production for UN1TE Dance Company. It’s been a stressful journey so far, but a very enriching one nonetheless. The event is called ICONS, and it’s an effort to raise money for Free the Children, a wonderful Canadian organization that enables us to assist in the building of a school in a third world country.

Of course, I had to make a promotional video for the event. Instead of just use flashy footage, I tried to really create a discussion about the meaning of the event. Check out what I (and some awesome UN1TE Juniors) created: