Demo Reelin’

Finally, after a couple months of gathering footage from a variety of events, I present to you the 2010 demo reel of PO-MO Incorporated (formerly known as “PO-MO Project”).

The handheld isn’t super steady (I’m working on that), and the quality isn’t equal across the board (the Wonderland footage, which was captured through iMovie, looks rather grainy), but the heart is there. Meghan and the rest of the PO-MO crew impress me constantly with their ingenuity and openness, and I consider myself blessed to have been given the opportunity to document their travels in this critical phase of operation.

One of the biggest challenges with shooting this kind of footage is managing the focus and exposure. PO-MO’s works look coolest in the dark. Often, the screen would go blurry for no reason and the push auto focus button became useless. Then, I’d either fumble with the awkward focus dial or simply zoom in then out again (which prompts infinity focus). I’m not complaining, though – I was lucky enough to stumble upon a camera that shoots great in low light and captures beautiful color, so all of the deep pinks and blues of the VJ shows turned out beautifully.

One final note. The music, by the Lytics, was used with the band’s gracious permission. All the problems I’ve been facing lately have been circumvented by the simple task of asking permission. I just may use this tack in the future.