Learning Limits

I’ve been struggling to put out the newest edit of PO-MO’s demo reel. It proved to be a hassle to obtain the necessary footage and then convert it. Yes, I could blame my slowness on that particular obstacle. However, a more substantial problem, the one that truly slowed and nearly halted production, was a creative block.

See, I knew that the video I’d already created wasn’t my favourite ever. To update it felt wrong – I wanted to start from scratch. So I hummed over it until I just sat down and hacked away at it.

And you know what? The video is pretty okay.

I guess what I’m learning with every project is what is “good enough” – to me, to my client, and to my audience. I’m coming to accept that I’ll never attain the perfection I seek. I am thankful to have met people who support me (and patiently wait for me) as I develop my skills as a videographer.

Need to stop hesitiating. Less anxiety, more action.


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