BULLETPROOF: A first foray into DSLR territory

When I found out that Layne Arceta, beloved choreographer for UN1TE Dance Company and director of Filthy Gorgeous, was leaving this fair city for her hometown of Edmonton, I conceived a seemingly perfect parting gift for her.

A friend graciously lent me his Canon T2i, so I was equipped to give her possibly the prettiest video I have shot to date. I had never gotten the chance to get footage of her up close and personal, so this was a real treat. Editing was tough – so much of the dance was golden that I didn’t know which shot to pick. Here’s what turned out:

True to my Winnipeg heritage, I shot in the Exchange District, home to artists and designers alike. We tucked into a colorful back alley to escape the glances of passers-by; some stared anyway. I tried using a tripod (really, I tried!) but, as usual, abandoned it to allow myself to get swept into their dance.

I don’t know if I had the right ISO setting or whatnot, but what turned out looks pretty darn good to me. Constructive criticism is encouraged in the comments.

Cudos to Mandy and Brock for accompanying fair Layne in this video. Long live Filthy Gorgeous!


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