Online goodies

Christmas is a time for spending money, and this year I did so mostly online.

Not only did I buy my family’s gifts on Amazon, but I decided to treat myself with a few games from Steam and a new Vimeo Plus membership. Soon, you’ll be able to watch my Vimeo uploads on this very site! I just need to work on this blog first. Supposedly, I need some plugins and things. In good time!

For now, please enjoy this Youtube video I made for a friend as a Christmas gift:

Expect more updates in the near future! It’s been a busy time for me and my camera…


Christmas spirit

PO-MOs latest project, the Kildonan Place countdown clock, has been largely a success. Mallgoers can post messages to the clock on Facebook for all their friends to see. It’s impressive that so many companies are incorporating this interactive element to their business.

The video was shot by a buddy of mine and edited by me. Music by Sufjan Stevens, whose Christmas album will put even the scroogiest Scrooge in the mood for holidays.

On a rather unrelated note….

In my search for decent Christmas music, I came upon this band called Sleigh Bells, whose music isn’t actually Christmassy at all. They’re pretty wicked, though. Check them out.