The Apocalypse is Coming


It’s amazing how side-projects can take over your life. For the past week, I’ve been doing nothing but work on a show that I created for the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival with PO-MO Inc‘s Meghan Athavale. It’s called Trashbot Apocalypse: A Love Story and it features a super cool combo of dance, animation, and electronic music.


The dancers we’ve taken on are some superb ones from the School of Contemporary Dancers, and the choreographers come from a variety of backgrounds, from modern dance to voguing. The animation includes both 2D and 3D, and it is a truly collective effort.

We’ve been having so much fun promoting the show. During Winnipeg’s Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition (MEME) we pulled out all the stops we could and converted a shopping cart into a party cart to draw a crowd. Check out the video of our adventures! 

We also have been raising awareness through our IndieGoGo campaign. We plan to get our friends to help us out by yelling to Fringegoers on street corners about the Apocalypse. 

I have been learning so much through this process about people management, about publicity, about animation, and about merging dance and video in a live scenario. We are less than two weeks away from showtime, but we are so close to some really amazing stuff.

The show runs July 18 thru 29. If you’re in the Peg, you must come see this cool show!

Event details here / IndieGoGo campaign here


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